SkyPix Now Offers Exclusive Custom Helicopter Door with Sliding Photo Window!

SkyPix Now Offers Exclusive Custom Helicopter Door with Sliding Photo Window!

SkyPix St. Louis is pleased to announce our latest major development: a custom-fitted helicopter door with a sliding window for the photographer.

This new door allows for clear, unobstructed photography without removing the door of the helicopter. Experienced professional photographers know it can get awfully chilly at altitude, especially during Winter months. But with this new photo door, photographers can stay warm and comfortable for the entire flight. Finally, photographers get the opportunity for undistorted shooting- in any weather- without sacrificing themselves to the bitter cold!

Our new photo door distinguishes SkyPix from other aerial photographers in St. Louis. SkyPix is the only local aerial photography company to offer this special-purpose equipment.

The door, specially designed for the R44 and manufactured by Tech-Tool Plastics in Ft. Worth, Texas, is FAA-approved. That means it has met the stringent safety and airworthiness certification requirements of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The door is made from sturdy fiberglass with a clear plexiglas window that slides down. Just like the helicopter’s original factory-made door, this new custom door has been painstakingly custom-fitted to the SkyPix ship by a fiberglass professional.

In addition to making photo flights more comfortable, this new door can also make your shoot less expensive too! That’s right… keeping the door on the helicopter reduces drag so the helicopter can fly faster. Faster cruise speed means less time spent travelling to and from photography sites, and less helicopter time translates into real savings for every aerial photo flight.

Custom Door Specifications

  • Construction: Fiberglass + Plexiglas
  • Certification: FAA Approved
  • Installation: Custom-fitted
  • Installation Date: February 2013
  • Special Application Camera Window by Tech-Tool Plastics

Major Benefits

  • More comfortable experience for the photographer, especially in the Winter
  • No need to remove the helicopter door
  • Faster cruise speed
  • Less transit time
  • Shorter, less-expensive flights

Ready to put our new custom photo door to use? Schedule an aerial photography shoot today!

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About SkyPix

SkyPix St. Louis provides professional helicopter aerial photography and videography in the St. Louis metropolitan area. SkyPix serves all types of properties, including homes, businesses, farmland and construction sites. SkyPix was started by veteran helicopter pilot and flight instructor Charlie Duchek, a professional with 20+ years of experience in St. Louis aerial photography work.

SkyPix Launches New Website for St. Louis Aerial Photography

aerial photo of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MissouriSkyPix, the premier helicopter aerial photography firm in St. Louis, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, The new site is filled with slideshows of example aerial photos from the SkyPix portfolio. Potential clients looking for aerial photography or aerial videography services in the St. Louis metro area can now browse a wide range of photo samples from SkyPix. Samples include beautiful aerial photos of familiar St. Louis area landmarks such as Busch Stadium, Chaifetz Arena, Edward Jones Dome, Savvis Center & Peabody Opera House, the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Gardens and the Forest Park Jewel Box, as well as local homes and businesses.

The updated SkyPix website also features new content dedicated to various industry segments including Residential, Commercial, Construction, Agriculture, Legal, Insurance, Real Estate, Hospitals and Churches & Schools. Plus, offers interactive forms for prospective customers to Request an Estimate or Order a Custom Photo Shoot online.

air-to-air aerial photo of Robinson model R44 helicopterSkyPix distinguishes itself from other aerial photography companies in the St. Louis area for several reasons. Unlike other aerial photographers using smaller 2-seat helicopters, “SkyPix St. Louis flies the Robinson model R44 helicopter, among the safest and most reliable helicopters ever produced,” explained Charlie Duchek, Chief Pilot and Owner of SkyPix St. Louis, LLC. “The R44 can handle up to 4 individuals: the pilot plus up to 3 passengers, depending on weight and fuel load.” As a result, SkyPix can accomodate homeowners or business owners who wish to ride along for the photo flight.

SkyPix is ready to serve the aerial photo and aerial video needs of clients throughout the entire St. Louis Metro & surrounding areas, including the Metro East. SkyPix is also available for custom shoots across Eastern/Central Missouri (including Lake of the Ozarks) and Southern Illinois.

About SkyPix

aerial photograph of residential property near St. Louis, MissouriSkyPix St. Louis, LLC provides professional helicopter aerial photography and videography in the St. Louis metropolitan area. SkyPix serves all types of properties, including homes, businesses, farmland and construction sites. Plus, SkyPix was started by one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the country; Owner & Chief Pilot Charlie Duchek has more than 20 years of experience in aerial photo work. And the SkyPix photographer, Steve Schulte, is an experienced pro who specializes in aerial shots.

About Charlie Duchek

Charlie Duchek is the Chief Pilot and Owner of SkyPix St. Louis. A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Charlie has been flying helicopters for over 25 years. In that time, he has logged more than 6,100 hours of helicopter flight time in various aircraft, including nearly 1000 hours in the Robinson R44- the same make and model SkyPix uses for its aerial photo and video missions.

With hundreds of hours of aerial photography experience in his 6,000+ total hours of helicopter flight time, Charlie started SkyPix to serve the St. Louis aerial photo and video market. Prior to SkyPix St. Louis, he founded Midwest Helicopter, based at Spirit of St. Louis Airport (SUS) in Chesterfield, in 1994. After 18 years in business, he sold the flight training operation to new ownership in early 2012.

About Steve Schulte

Steve Schulte, the SkyPix St. Louis professional photographer, specializes in airborne photo and video services. Steve has 14 years experience behind the lens shooting everything from boats, planes, helicopters and commercial/residential properties from the air. His interest in aerial photography grew from his career as a certified A&P, I/A corporate aircraft mechanic.

Steve started Steve Schulte Photography LLC in 2004 and has provided photography services to clients such as Bombardier Aircraft, Sea Ray Yachts and Coca-Cola. He has been a volunteer photographer for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) helping to cover the annual Oshkosh Airventure Airshow for the past 8 years. In 2011 Steve landed his biggest assignment working in partnership with LightSpeedMedia; Steve was chosen out of a handful of photographers to photograph the last NASA Space Shuttle launch from atop the Vehical Assembly Building (VAB) for the San Diego Air and Space Museum.