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SkyPix provides aerial photos for
St. Louis publishers and media outlets.

Need Aerial Photos for a Publication or Website?

SkyPix Aerial Photography for Publishers & Web Developers


Newspapers, Magazines, Web Developers, and Television stations can all make use of aerial shots. Why continue to publish two-dimensional views of buildings, sites, and scenes? An aerial shot is so much more compelling, attracts more attention, and gets the reader or viewer a better picture of what you are trying to describe. And, you can keep those images on file for later use in your brochures, web pages, or marketing materials. Beat your competition to the punch with visuals they just don’t have and haven’t thought of. Let SkyPix know how we can help you stand out from those less imaginative.
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Want to Accompany the Pilot & Photographer on your Photo Flight?

SkyPix operates a safe, reliable 4-seat helicopter. Unlike other aerial photographers in St. Louis who fly smaller 2-seat helicopters, our aircraft can accomodate the pilot and photographer, as well as up to 1-2 passengers (depending on weight and fuel load). This makes it possible for the client- or an employee or representative- to view their subject matter from the air and make sure they get the best shots possible. The R44 helicopter is much faster and more comfortable than 2-seat models yet price-competitive with smaller and slower aircraft.
Clients have the option to join us “in the cockpit” at no extra charge to oversee and supervise the photography session.
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