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Residential Aerial Photography

SkyPix serves homeowners, providing breathtaking aerial photographs of prestigious homes in the St. Louis area.

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Residential Solutions

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Commercial Aerial Photography

SkyPix helicopter photography is perfect for commercial properties. Aerial photos of your business make great marketing materials.

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Commercial Solutions

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Real Estate Aerial Photography

SkyPix works with real estate agents and brokers to deliver aerial photos for use in real estate property listings.

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Real Estate Solutions

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Construction Industry Aerial Photography

Need photos of a building site or construction project? SkyPix offers solutions for architects and contractors.

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Contractor Solutions

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Aerial Photos of Churches & Schools

Capture the beauty of your church or school campus & preserve your institution’s legacy with aerial photography.

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Solutions for Churches and Schools

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Hospital Aerial Photography

SkyPix provides aerial photography for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities in the St. Louis metro area.

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Hospital Solutions

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Insurance Aerial Photography

Need professional photos for insurance purposes? SkyPix can photograph damage or insured property from the air!

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Insurance Solutions

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Legal Aerial Photography

SkyPix works with attorneys and law firms to provide legal evidence. Aerial photos make compelling courtroom exhibits!

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Legal Solutions

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Aerial Photos for Farms & Agriculture

Survey and inspect farmland and crops with professional aerial photography. SkyPix offers agricultural solutions.

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Agricultural Solutions

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Aerial Photography for Media Outlets

SkyPix offers a library of stock photos of St. Louis landmarks. Get aerial photos for your publication’s next issue!

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Publisher Solutions

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Helicopter Services for Pro Photographers

SkyPix provides helicopter rental and helicopter pilot services for professional photogs working on assignment.

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Professional Photographer Solutions


About SkyPix St. Louis

SkyPix St. Louis, LLC provides professional aerial photos for all types of properties. Our pilot has more than 20 year of experience in aerial photo work, and our photographer is an experienced pro who specializes in aerials.

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Want to Accompany the Pilot & Photographer on your Photo Flight?

SkyPix operates a safe, reliable 4-seat helicopter. Unlike other aerial photographers in St. Louis who fly smaller 2-seat helicopters, our aircraft can accomodate the pilot and photographer, as well as up to 1-2 passengers (depending on weight and fuel load). This makes it possible for the client- or an employee or representative- to see their property from the air and make sure they get the best shots possible. The R44 helicopter is much faster and more comfortable than 2-seat models yet price-competitive with smaller and slower aircraft.
Clients have the option to join us “in the cockpit” at no extra charge to oversee and supervise the photography session.
Call SkyPix with any questions.