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SkyPix St. Louis
Helicopter & Pilot Services

Our pilot has 20 years experience
in St. Louis aerial photography.

Need a Helicopter & Pilot for Your Next Assignment?

SkyPix Helicopter & Pilot Services

Need a reliable helicopter and veteran pilot for your aerial photo or video project? SkyPix offers affordable helicopter and pilot services for the St. Louis Metro area.

Plus, we offer our clients tremendous flexibility. While SkyPix St. Louis generally recommends using our experienced pro aerial photographer/videographer, we also welcome you to take pictures yourself or bring your own professional photographer. We also provide helicopter services for professional photographers working on assignment.

Our Aircraft

SkyPix St. Louis uses the Robinson model R44 helicopter, one of the most popular and most reliable helicopters ever produced. The R44 can handle up to 4 individuals: the pilot plus up to 3 passengers, depending on weight and fuel load. Maximum cruise speed is 113 knots (130 mph). Range is approximately 300 miles. For more details, please read about our helicopter.

The R44 allows SkyPix clients the option to fly along on a photo or video flight to supervise the photo shoot and ensure the photographer captures the best possible shots. Join us “in the cockpit” and see your property from a whole new perspective!

Our Pilots

SkyPix pilots are safe, trained, and experienced. Chief Pilot and SkyPix owner Charlie Duchek has over 20 years of experience in aerial photography, including flying for many of the best and most professional photographers and videographers in the world. He has flown videographers from organizations like PBS and photo-journalists from all over the country and Europe who sought him out specifically for their national or international projects. When you choose SkyPix, you’ve made the best choice possible in the St. Louis region for the aerial photo assignment you’re working on. You only pay for the use of the aircraft.

Billing for Helicopter Services

Helicopter Services are billed at the rate of $395 per hour or fraction thereof. Billing is based on actual flight time, billed in 0.1 hour increments. For example, a flight lasting 1.1 hours would be 1.1 X $395, or $434.50. Because of the time and effort involved in planning and pre-flighting the helicopter for flight, there is a minimum charge for one half-hour of flight time, even if the flight takes less than .5 hours. For more details, please read our entire list of rates.

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Want to Bring a Passenger or Client on your Photo Flight?

SkyPix operates a safe, reliable 4-seat helicopter. Unlike other aerial photographers in St. Louis who fly smaller 2-seat helicopters, our aircraft can accomodate the pilot and photographer, as well as up to 1-2 passengers (depending on weight and fuel load). This makes it possible for your client- or an employee or representative- to see their property from the air and make sure they get the best shots possible. The R44 helicopter is much faster and more comfortable than 2-seat models yet price-competitive with smaller and slower aircraft.
Allow your clients the option to join us “in the cockpit” at no extra charge to oversee and supervise the photography session!
Call SkyPix with any questions.