Aerial Photography and Helicopter Service Rates

Aerial Photo & Video Pricing

Professional aerial photos from our helicopter are more affordable than you might think. Most aerial photo flights in the St. Louis metro area can be accomplished for less than $400.

Choose an option that best suits your needs:

Our Clients have several options when retaining SkyPix’s helicopter services:
Option 1 The client can choose to have a professional aerial photographer, shoot the pictures and / or video in our SkyPix R44 helicopter.
Option 2 The client can supply his / her own photographer and contract for SkyPix to supply the helicopter and pilot.
Option 3 If the client or his / her employee is proficient, that person can take the pictures or video themselves, having SkyPix supply the helicopter and pilot.

Charges for the Helicopter and Professional Photographer:

The cost for a custom aerial photo flight depends, primarily, on the distance between your location and our home base near Wildwood, MO. Helicopter flight time is billed per hour, in 0.1 hour increments. Because of the time and effort involved in planning and pre-flighting the helicopter for flight, there is a minimum charge for one half-hour of flight time.

The cost of photography services varies according to the scope of each photography or video flight. Photographer rates may vary based on whether you require retouching/editing services, copyright release or authorization, photo prints and other variables. Please contact SkyPix St. Louis to obtain a custom quote based on your photography and/or videography needs.

Charges for the Helicopter Alone:

Helicopter Services are billed at the rate of $395 per hour or fraction thereof. Billing is based on a “Hobbs hour-meter” in the helicopter that registers flight time based on hours and tenths-of-hours. Clients are billed for the helicopter services based on that hour-meter. For example, if a flight takes 1.1 hours at a rate of $395 per hour, the total charges would be 1.1 X $395, or $434.50, not including Missouri sales tax. Because of the time and effort involved in planning and pre-flighting the helicopter for flight, there is a minimum charge for one half-hour of flight time, even if the flight takes less than .5 hours.

Riding Along:

The Robinson R44 helicopter can accommodate the pilot, photographer, and one or two other passengers, depending on fuel load required and the weights of the passengers. With prior approval, this gives clients the option of “riding along” to suggest shots to the photographer or just to enjoy the experience of helicopter flight.

Special Rates:

Special hourly rates may be offered to clients who use SkyPix’s services on a regular or scheduled basis. An example might be a construction company that wants weekly “progress” photos of a job under construction.

Payment Options:

MasterCard and Visa credit card logosPayment for the flight must be made at the end of the flight. SkyPix is unable to accept credit or bill clients for later payment. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, approved personal or company check, or Master Card or VISA. SkyPix does not accept American Express or Discover at this time.

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice. Maximum passenger weight limits may apply. Pilot wait time charges may also apply on certain flights. Please contact us for details.