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Property details

Note: For rural & undeveloped properties, please provide GPS coordinates (if possible) to help us better identify your location. *You can easily lookup GPS coordinates for any address using the Quick Geocoder Tool on

Locating a particular property or home from the air can be difficult. In order to make sure we photograph the right property, please answer the following questions to provide us the most thorough description. If your property has distinguishing features which may help us identify it specifically, please note them below.

Property Features

(Please check all that apply)

  Fenced Back Yard
  Fenced Front Yard
  Swimming Pool (in-ground)
  Swimming Pool (above ground)
  Playground Equipment
  Circle Driveway
  Gated Entry/Driveway
  Stables/Riding Arena(s)
  Pool House
  Carriage House
  Other Outbuildings
  Large Trees in Front/Back Yard

Note: Large, mature trees very close to buildings may limit visibility of your property from the air. This is especially true of trees in the front yards of homes. While typically not a problem for newer construction, big, established trees surrounding older homes (or lots) can interfere with aerial photography.

Photo Preferences

SkyPix St. Louis recommends using our experienced professional aerial photographer & videographer, Steve Schulte. However, we also welcome you to take pictures yourself or bring your own professional photographer. We also provide helicopter services for pro photographers working on assignment.

          (fewest shadows)

  Early A.M.
          (vivid dawn lighting, chance for low-lying fog)

          (for East-facing buildings)

          (for West-facing buildings)

  I’m not sure

Pro Tip: Most professional aerial photographers prefer mid-day shots to minimize long shadows which may hide or obscure portions of your property.

          (colorful Autumn leaves!)

          (most flowers in bloom)

          (bare trees/ good visibility)

          (*with snow on the ground)

  I’m not sure

Note: SkyPix St. Louis specializes in helicopter aerial & videography services. Custom aerial photo shoots always include digital pictures provided on CD or DVD, but we can also provide professional photo prints (including oversized printing). Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about purchasing prints from SkyPix.

Final Details

Our Robinson R44 helicopter can accomodate the pilot and photographer, as well as up to 1-2 passengers (depending on weight and fuel load, subject to limits). Clients can optionally join us “in the cockpit” to oversee and supervise the shoot. Please let us know if you plan to ride along for the photo/video flight.

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